Should You Worry If a Client Says You’re Too Expensive?


Loving Your Work, Does Not Mean You Should Not Make Profit! I love the work I do. In fact, I have a deep passion for it. However, years of experience have taught me (the hard way) that I must also ALWAYS ensure that I earn a decent financial remuneration for doing my “enjoyable” work, so [...]

How To Use Joint Venture Marketing To Enhance Client Relationships

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Just like you shouldn’t wait until Valentines Day to pamper your loved one, you shouldn’t wait until the next time you’re launching a new product or service before your past and current clients hear from you. The pampering should continue all year long, if you want loyalty and repeat business from them. A pattern I [...]

Top 6 Tips to Consider When Accepting a Client

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It is usually considered by both those who are seeking help and by those who are offering help, that the answer to asking for help is always “yes”. As a therapist, you have chosen to work in the service industry so of course this means you open your door to all in sundry. Perhaps even [...]

Simple Mobile Customer Relationship Management Strategies

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Gone are the days of simply informing your clients of a new product or service, waiting a few days, and having the phone ring with an overflow of orders. Consumers today expect a great deal more from the businesses they interact with, and like to be engaged throughout every level of the marketing process. With [...]

Small Businesses – Benefit From Customer Relationship Management Principles


Ironically, Customer Relationship Management principles evolved from larger, product-focussed corporations trying to emulate the personal relationships small business owners had with their customers. The larger organisations honed these customer-centric principles and management practices to a fine art, using them to fuel rapid growth and increased profits. It is now time to bring these CRM principles [...]

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